Forced Feminisation

Got the horny rage for slips, silks, panties, suspenders? Does your prick twitch at the idea of being made to dress up in silky things and get owned by a dominant Mistress? Do you yearn to kiss a pro-dommes heels while wearing little silk panties? Then forced feminisation is the BDSM kink for you. 

Forced Bi

Dirty slut wants to gobble cock does it? Greedy bitch wants to be fuck fucked by a big dick? Well slut, our femdom pro-domme’s are here to help! You open wide and Mistress will fill it with cock. Suck harder now little tart...




Can be used for edging and orgasm control play. For example, the Mistress may put on her submissive an electric cock ring, which will give the worm a heightened sensation of pain and pleasure. In CBT play, electrics are used on the balls and those delicious electric pulses really fire up a cock and ball torture session, the same goes for ball busting. With our love of femdom electric play, we say...turn up the power! 


In edging (aka orgasm control) you are taken right to the peak of orgasm and pulled back at the ultimate second of release. The objective of edging is to achieve a mind-FUCKING-blowing orgasm. However, take note! A man who edges must be focused, mentally strong and committed to wanting to experience sensational orgasms. When you edge with a Mistress you WILL NOT CUM until your Domme allows you to. So for those quick squirters out there who want to give edging a go, you’d better learn to WAIT. Edging is an erotic play style of BDSM. Orgasm control isn’t so focused on pain. Edging is concerned with pleasure, arousal, frustration… it’s a heady mix. There is also orgasm denial, which is when your dominatrix, having got you repeatedly close to orgasm, doesn’t allow you to CUM and kicks you out of her play space with your COCK STILL HARD and your balls full and aching. HA HA HA! Then there is post orgasm torture. In this femdom instance, the domina has allowed you to CUM but the split second after you’ve shot your load she will rub, slap, pinch at your cock (usually the head), creating the most exquisite domination combination of pleasure and pain. Add in some bondage and you're in heaven.

Cock (orgasm) Control

Cock control is hot, hot, hot! In femdom terms it means taking control & owning the sub's piece of meat. It means, in a dominatrix session: forced edging, ruined orgasms, teasing with orgasm denial, post-orgasm torture... For the submissive, cock & orgasm control means having a strong mind and solid focus, because the point is NOT to shoot your load when you want to. You MUST wait until Mistress says you can cum, and for (some) men, especially when sessioning with a hot and strict dominatrix, this can be a challenge! But trust us, the orgasms created from a cock (orgasm) control session are out of this world. **For a truly intense session mix cock & orgasm play with bondage and CBT.


In femdom play, CBT, or cock & ball torture, is all about, you guessed it, making those sensitive male parts suffer. This can take the form of clipping weights and pegs to the balls, tying up the cock with rope, or a stocking, it can mean slapping, pinching, squeezing the C&B's. The intensity of this femdom play, can vary. Some submissives like their C&B's hurt to the extreme, some prefer a softer type of play, like a more sensual domination. Either way cock & ball torture is an essential part of BDSM, domination and Mistress play. Because when your Mistress owns the C&B's, when she can do anything she likes to those parts, that's when female domination, ownership and control comes into it's own. ** CBT can also include ball busting, edging, orgasm control & denial. *** Mixing CBT with bondage is a great way to heighten submissive and female domination play sessions. 

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Anal Play

With femdom domination, some men get a real kick out of being pegged, especially when it’s a beautiful and dominant women who is fucking them. Some submissives prefer to be pegged with a short, skinny little dildo, other slaves prefer a big, fat dildo, pulling their arse apart, giving them something to ride back on. Whichever strap on size and variety you may prefer, the pleasure of being pegged by a hot and sexy dominatrix can be out of this world. Us pro-dommes we lube up and slide in, giving our male subs a rough ride. Our aim is to show you jerks how it feels to be fucked, and the harder and the faster we fuck you, the better. Anal play with bondage, is very hot. This is where Mistress has you restrained, maybe tight over a whipping bench, or tied face down to a bed, either way, when you can’t move and Mistress is coming toward you with her strap on, and you know she is going to fuck you….now that’s a thrill. Prostate play, also is a delight. If you’ve never had your prostate massaged while being edged, or spanked over the knee, then make it so! The orgasms produced just by playing with the prostate, and often not even needing to touch the cock, is an experience that must be tried. 



Tied up, tied down, up against a wall…mummification, on the cross, in a sling, Shibari, hog tied…we could go on. Bondage is an integral part of Mistress and submissive BDSM play. Bondage, being restrained, feeling out of control, feeling vulnerable, these are what make a good domination session. We know of male submissives who are to ‘scared’ to go into bondage and we say man up mother-fucker! Bondage is sexy, hot and a very important part of femdom domination play. Being restrained by a dominant and powerful woman, being tied up by a cruel Mistress, knowing that once you are tied up, tied down, whatever, there is no escape for you and therefore the only thing you can do is give in. And once you’re in bondage, Mistress can do so many kinky femdom things to you, like, edging and orgasm control, foot worship, ball busting, abuse, electrics, pegging…


Ball Busting

Does what it says on the tin…with ball busting we’re talking squeezing, slapping, kneeing, pinching, kicking those balls and making them hurt like fuck! We can also add pegs, weights, ropes into the equation. The more implements used, the better, as we want to fuck you up.

A very fine example of ball busting.

A very fine example of ball busting.


Abuse is the ground stone of domination. With abuse you are fucked up, you are owned by a dominant woman. To enjoy abuse to its utmost, you must let go of yourself and give your body over to your Mistress, for her to do what she wishes to you. Physical abuse can be face slapping, wrestling, ball busting, trampling. It is any BDSM activity where the submissive is made to suffer, (& this is where a good Domme gets her pleasure, from your suffering). Verbal abuse, like with small dick humiliation, is a very effective way of dominating (and crushing) a submissive’s will. Tie & tease is another example of BDSM abuse play. Although tie & tease is less about pain and more about sensual touch, it can still be abuse play. For example, if in a tie & tease domination session, the Mistress decides to put her man bitch into chastity and then edge him close, closer and closer, until he's right on the edge and fit to burst, but she won’t allow him to get hard, this is an ultimate form of cock abuse, and it's a marvellous way to mind fuck a man. So when considering what domination / abuse play you are into, there are plenty of options to choose from.