In edging (aka orgasm control) you are taken right to the peak of orgasm and pulled back at the ultimate second of release. The objective of edging is to achieve a mind-FUCKING-blowing orgasm. However, take note! A man who edges must be focused, mentally strong and committed to wanting to experience sensational orgasms. When you edge with a Mistress you WILL NOT CUM until your Domme allows you to. So for those quick squirters out there who want to give edging a go, you’d better learn to WAIT. Edging is an erotic play style of BDSM. Orgasm control isn’t so focused on pain. Edging is concerned with pleasure, arousal, frustration… it’s a heady mix. There is also orgasm denial, which is when your dominatrix, having got you repeatedly close to orgasm, doesn’t allow you to CUM and kicks you out of her play space with your COCK STILL HARD and your balls full and aching. HA HA HA! Then there is post orgasm torture. In this femdom instance, the domina has allowed you to CUM but the split second after you’ve shot your load she will rub, slap, pinch at your cock (usually the head), creating the most exquisite domination combination of pleasure and pain. Add in some bondage and you're in heaven.